Cool Logic Games in Roblox that make kids aged 6-12 grow coding skills

Minicoders in an educational platform for kids, including Apps with video tutorials, virtual assistance and private Roblox game experiences where kids learn coding skills while playing.

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Discover how minicoders learn coding fundamentals with gamified experiences

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Your kids will use their screen time in a productive and safe way

The Power of Play as a Learning Vehicle

Kids learn to code in a playful way in the social gaming platform they love.


Collaboration enhancing games for Boys, Girls, Everyone.

Real-Time Progression Tracking

Parents can track from this website the progress and concepts learnt by their kids at Roblox

ADHD and Dyslexia friendly.

Voice over and dictation-based virtual assistant available so nobody is left behind.

Real-Time Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant available to help kids when they need.


On top of Play, Social Intelligence and Inclusivity, our experiences are designed to promote Hope.

Get started today and prepare your kids for the challenges of tomorrow. 30 Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Discover our quarterly, annual and lifetime plans

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See how kids love Minicoders!


I think Minicoders has managed to mix fun with learning very well. We are used to hearing over and over again that games are not good and only instill bad things in players. I have never thought that, even if it is a fighting game, a person is not going to be more or less aggressive for playing a certain game. Anyway, there are other alternatives, and that's where Magic School comes in, a game in which all that time we spend playing, we can also use it to learn, what more could we ask for?

KraoESP, Youtuber with 2.6M followers

‘I got new powers for my apprentice wizard!' celebrates Biel, 7 years old, after overcoming the challenge of programming the movements of his avatar's virtual pet in the Magic School experience in Roblox. Without being aware of it, just like the more than 30,000 children between 6 and 12 years old who have played Magic School since its launch at the end of the last school year.

09/24/22 - Patricia Coll (El País newspaper)

Wow..OMG… magic battles have arrived, this game is the best!

Lucia. Minicoders user


Back to this great game, I became a fan!

Sebastian. Minicoders user

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